Pro Info & Edu Consultant (PIEC) is a Bangladesh-based education consultancy specialized in study abroad, course selection and international student recruitment services. Our corporate objective is to offer global vision with a personal touch in the education, bridging the information gap between East and West.

Our Objectives

  1. Help student clients make the wisest decision on future education and career paths.
  2. Represent partner institutions’ best interest to recruit quality students.
  3. Facilitate greater public awareness of our partner institutions among prospective students, parents, academics and recruiters.


Proshun Ray
CEO and Founder
Pro Info & Edu Consultant

Proshun Ray is the CEO and Founder of Pro Info & Edu Consultant. Since the inception of the company back in 2009, he has been meticulously working for the company with ultimate dedication, passion as well as professionalism. He has ten years of prolonged experience in this industry and thus secured the significant range of skills, knowledge and insight of this sector as a whole. In fact, he has gathered a mammoth experience of working for five continental education providers.
He has completed his MBA from Dhaka University and secured PGD from United Kingdom. He is also one of few educational consultants in Bangladesh who secured industry related numbers of professional accreditations such as QEAC( Australian govt. certified education counselor), USATC(USA agent training course ), ENZRA( New Zealand govt. certified counselor), CCEA (Canadian education counselor ), ICEF( German based), EMGS ( Malaysia govt. certified counselor), Uniagent certified counselor etc. He also has diversified experiences for participating several oversees international seminars, events, educational conference, workshops, etc.
Apart from this profession Mr Ray is a world traveler. So far he has travelled over twenty five countries .In parallel he is an author and essayist as well. He is a specialist in writing books on travelling. The most recent travelogue written by Mr Ray is Russiar Poribrajok -prothom khando( a travelogue of Russia-first part) published in Feb 2020 book fair by country`s leading publication Somoy Prokashon. In addition to this, he regularly writes in different national newspapers, magazines as well as blogs on diversified social issues including moral, ethical, travel and so on. He believes in the ideology that one should not only indulge in materialistic achievement but also respect one`s self satisfaction and humanitarian doctrine alike.
He has a vision to take the company to a new glorious height being an ethical practitioner, an educationist as well as a good human being. He also believes in the philosophy that better education can lead to be a better society, a healthy nation and surely a meaningful world.